• Image of The Bomb Deck

"It's the bomb that will bring us together."
This is the last Slapstik Skateboards deck to be released. Since 1996 I've been trying to produce decks and hard goods that carry a message or sense of humor made for similar, and often ignored minds of the skateboarding industry. With that in mind, this final deck carries the message of the bomb being the only thing left that can bring us together.

Each deck is individually screen printed and signed, available in slick and regular finishes, available in the sizes listed below. Be advised that the best option for wall hangers is a larger deck. Regular finish in orange, and slick finish in purple.

Width LENGTH WB N T Stock
8.25" 31.75" 14" 6.8" 6.5" 2
8.75" 32" 14" 7" 6.5" 1 Slick
8.75" PS 32.25" 14.25" 7" 6.75" 1 Slick